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Lead Administration & Services

Job Purpose

As the Lead of Services & Administration, you will oversee most administrative tasks at our Hong Kong headquarters. Reporting to the Executive Director, you will directly lead a team member and manage the daily operations of the internal administrative department. Your primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient completion of tasks while maintaining exceptional organisation and productivity within the team.

The company will reorganise individual departments in the coming months, with your department playing a central role during this transition. You will be responsible for integrating work transferred from other departments into your new administration team, streamlining processes, and ensuring seamless integration within your team.

Key responsibilities

Coordination and Communication:

  • Serve as a vital point of contact for coordination and communication within the company.
  • Support the Executive Director and Company Management by:
    • Following up on projects assigned by the Executive Director & providing a full spectrum of secretarial and administrative support to the Executive Director, including minutes, reports, and confidential documents.
    • Delivering accurate reports directly to management
    • Facilitating interdepartmental communication and collaboration, maintaining our company’s internal handbook and Social Media & website.
    • Handling ad-hoc duties as needed.

Streamlining Internal Workflows:

  • Ensure timely and efficient flight and hotel bookings for team members in Hong Kong.
  • Manage and maintain office supplies inventory, ensuring adequate stock levels and cost-effective procurement.
  • Oversee the maintenance and organisation of physical and digital files, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Manage office facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.

Support for Sourcing Department:

  • Assist the Sourcing Department with recurring operational tasks, coordinating all work and ensuring timely completion.
  • Maintain supplier data and product data under review from the Sourcing Manager.
  • Follow up on PI documents, marketing information requests, product and marketing photos, or spec inquiries.
  • Collecting product benchmark information, conducting mass follow-ups after fairs, screening and checking offers.
  • Track sample deliveries.
  • Manage mass approach/mailings to suppliers, including catalogue requests and circulars.

Requirements for the ideal candidate

Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English are essential for effectively communicating with our distributed teams across different time zones and countries. Proficiency in Chinese is a plus.

Data Analysis and Reporting: Ability to analyse data and create accurate reports.

Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with various tools, such as video conferencing platforms (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams), project management software (e.g., Todoist), and communication tools for seamless collaboration and management. Strong skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Mac or Windows).

Adaptability and Flexibility: Comfortable adapting to changes in work processes, technology, and team dynamics. Able to work independently and stay self-motivated. Willing and capable of leading colleagues remotely in a distributed team (remote/hybrid).

Organisational and Time-Management Skills: Proficient in managing personal time and assisting team members in prioritising tasks to meet deadlines.

Results-Oriented Mindset: Focused on achieving goals and delivering results while ensuring engaged, motivated, and productive team members.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field. Proven experience in administrative management, preferably in a leadership role.


At Teal Goal, we provide our employees with a range of benefits reflecting the importance we place on the well-being of our staff. Benefits include:

  • Flexible work arrangements that include a flexible workplace and flexible working time. Our headquarters is located in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong. In your position, you should visit the office twice a week.
  • Double Pay (12 months plus 1-month year-end double pay)
  • Generous leave allowances, such as compensation and annual leave, as well as one-day birthday leave
  • Business travel insurance
  • Employment type: Full-time

Our application process

  1. Submit Your Application: Complete the application by following the steps. We encourage candidates to familiarise themselves with our company and products by visiting our website or LinkedIn page before applying.
  2. Preliminary Selection: After an initial review, we will contact preferred candidates via email ( with additional questions regarding their skills and background. This step helps us better understand each candidate and ensures a good fit with our team.
  3. Interviews: Selected candidates will participate in a two-stage interview process. The first interview will be via video call, followed by an in-person meeting with the Executive Director for shortlisted candidates.

How to apply

Please send us your updated CV by email to apply for the vacancy with the subject “Lead Administration and Service”.

Press the apply button below or send your email to