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恭喜發財! – Happy Chinese new year!

There are just a couple of days left: We are heading towards the Chinese New Year. I like to thank all our business partners and colleagues in Europe for their excellent cooperation during these challenging times.

Over the past two years, one topic has dominated: COVID-19. Hardly a week has passed without a new wave breaking out somewhere in the world. These incidents have affected our business—sometimes a little less, sometimes more. However, with your support, we have made it through the pandemic well.

Availability of our team during the Chinese New Year

Some colleagues of our team are taking some time off to be with friends & family this holiday, and it may take longer to reply. Don’t hesitate to contact us in the usual way or through our contact form.

  • January 29 – 30: Weekend
  • January 31: Office holidays, limited availability
  • February 1 – 3: Chinese New Year, office stays closed
  • February 4: Office holidays, limited availability
  • February 5 – 6: Weekend

A note on cash gifts and Red Pockets

As mentioned in our Code of Conduct, an employee of Teal Goal will not, directly or indirectly, accept, grant, demand or be promised any undue personal advantage in connection with any procurement transaction. Personal or individual gifts are only permitted if minor, socially and regionally customary. All gifts of money are excluded and must be strictly rejected. I appreciate your understanding!

Teal Goal wishes you a happy Chinese New Year! Stay healthy!

Best wishes, Daniel Wyss


Managing Director of Teal Goal Limited in Asia. Born in Switzerland, I am working for the company since 2015 in Hong Kong. Previously, I was employed by BAUHAUS in Switzerland.