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Compliance & Sustainability

BAUHAUS and Teal Goal recognise the joint responsibility of businesses to foster sustainable supply chains and encourage best practices to promote safe and sustainable supply chains globally.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is Teal Goal’s corporate and social initiative to strongly support the UN Guiding Principles. We expect our business partners to adopt them in their operation as well as in their own supply chain.

All our business partners must acknowledge and agree that the production of products and the sustainable development of their operation and supply chain comply with the Teal Goal Code of Conduct for business partners.

Download Code of Conduct

Below you will find our Code of Conduct for Business Partners. This code applies to all business partners and contains all the requirements we received from our customer BAUHAUS.

Point of contact

If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct or want to report any known or suspected or alleged non-compliance, please contact your TEAL GOAL representative. Alternatively, send an e-mail to

You can contact us online or reach us at our office in Hong Kong.